Monday, May 29, 2006

On the second day...

Right, I've sent out the invitations, including one to the Nursing Standard. Now I've really burnt my bridges. If you read this, any ideas on how to get this blog to a wider audience would be greatly appreciated.
Today's topic, is the doctors calling for the NHS funding of alternative therapies to cease. Money could be better spent on better things (coffee and biscuits for nurses maybe?).
I'm a skeptic. If an alternative therapy can't be proved to be clinically effective in a standard, double-blind, scientific trial, then it shouldn't have public money wasted on it. They're placebos.
Homeopathy is hooey! If Reflexology is right and massaging your foot can heal the approprite part of your body, what happens when you stand on a nail?
As for Iridology... I hold that in the same regard as astronomers hold astrology.
I once drafted a spoof letter to the hospital newsletter about the appointment of a consultant iridologist and left it lying about the office. My colleagues didn't realise it was a spoof, and went ballistic! Man, that was a good day. It just shows the visceral loathing we reserve for iridologists in particular.

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