Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The game's afoot

My wife has just finished the Sherlock Holmes Collection. Of the fifty-six stories that appeared in Strand Magazine, fifty-three of them had someone being offered a glass of brandy. One was offered a glass of wine. In one story, and one story only was there no scene of someone being offered brandy (maybe Conan Doyle had a hangover?). This is made up for in the fifty-sixth story, where a character drains a whole bottle of the stuff!


julie said...

If you read John Grisham, note the number of times someone 'parks illegally'. Irritating; that's what editors are meant to be for..

JanieBelle said...

If you read anything by me, note the number of times kissing and wanton fornication occurs.

I wonder if anyone finds that annoying.


Martyne said...

Not so much annoying as stimulating JannieBelle. But lets keep this as our little secret. I am sure no one will notice.

Kim said...

Oh, I fell in love with Sherlock Holmes in the 8th grade when I was 13 years old.

Those old Basil Rathbone movies, so funny to watch now, would keep me up all night!

Read every one of the stories.