Sunday, August 12, 2007

Litter Kwitter

Here's another one from the same catalogue that brought you the towel holder and pencil sharpener - the Litter Kwitter, which will train your cat to use the toilet! Just think, no more having to pour pongy litter into a plastic bag for disposal, just let your feline companion have free run of the bathroom. All you need to do is put the above contraption on the rim of your toilet.
You know what's going to happen, don't you? It'll be three o' clock in the morning, and you'll wake up, needing to go. You'll wander through, half asleep, and plonk yourself down on the ... $&%£!! That's when you'll remember about it, as you slip to the floor with the Litter Kwitter and contents about your ears!

Your cat will use next door's rose bush as he always does.


Martyne said...

Teaching your cat to "Poo in the Loo" has a lovely poetic ring to it, don't you think? But I do have to ask you an important question. How do you teach it to use the flush? Is there a section on the accompanying DVD for it to watch?

Deacon Barry said...

There is a video on Youtube somewhere of a cat flushing the toilet so that he can watch the water spinning round. So it's not impossible.

Martyne said...

Know the one you mean. Have you seen the video with the cat and the printer? Every time a sheet of paper starts to come through the cat grabs it and rips it to shreads. Hillarious. Unless, of course, you are the sheet of paper!