Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wolves in the wires

It looks like it was just a rumour after all. We're nearly a week post 11th September, and the charm offensive against Iran hasn't materialised so far. It's a bit of a relief, because as long as they don't start persuading, then an attack on Iran seems unlikely.
Of course, the rumour could be disinformation. If the Iranians can be made to believe that Bush and his crew are batshit crazy enough to launch an attack, they might take the desired measures to avert conflict, ie halt Uranium enrichment. A few carefully baited nuggets seeded into the blogosphere setting off blogswarms like Roman Candles, gives the illusion of veracity to an imaginary policy of invasion.
Another purpose of manufactured rumour could be to make bloggers cry wolf. If blog rumours are seen as unreliable, then future unintended leaks might be ignored.
The blogosphere is a battleground, and the unscrupulous and machiavellian will manipulate it for their own ends.


Zipperhead said...

I just wanted to comment on the Shaggy Blog Stories--it's a wonderful idea! I was afraid at first I may not be able to locate it here, but being through Lulu that shouldn't be a problem. Terrific idea to put together a blog compilation!

Take good care.

Deacon Barry said...

Thanks for stopping by. If you click on the book cover on the left of the screen, that'll take you to Lulu.