Monday, September 10, 2007

Worst verse

I have come across the worst poem ever written, and, surprise, it wasn't by Macgonagall. It's called A Tragedy, and it's by Theophilus Marzials. It was published in 1874.
Warning! Before clicking on the link, clear your desk or immediate vicinity of hot or cold beverages. Any fluids currently residing in your mouth are liable to exit via your nasal passages on reading the first lines of this poem.
OK? If you think you can handle it, click on this link.


Steven Bently said...

Hi, glad you stopped by my blog. Still beating up on the man

As for the poem, Pigeons Perspective From Above should be the name of that one following a diet of squshed bugs and over ripe dew

Hope you had a refreshing vacation. TC

King Aardvark said...

Wow, that is really, really bad. Thanks for the chuckle.

julie said...

You think that's bad? Try 'The Poets Dream' by mcGonagall; all about a destroying angel burning down pubs in Dundee..