Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dead. But in a good way.
Parents, learner drivers, and now patients in nine English NHS trusts: all that information lost. And with it, the Government's plans to introduce ID cards. They're history. Gordon Brown isn't going to introduce them in this parliament. And after the next general election, the Conservatives will be in power, and that'll be the final nail in the coffin.
It was always a dumb idea put forward by a dumb government. Any purported benefits were massivly outweighed by the drawbacks. People hate the idea. It smacks of totalitarianism and fascism, the very philosophies we were brought up to despise. Besides, Scotland, Wales and Ulster would have voted aginst it anyway.


Martyne said...

I think, worse than the fact that information is lost or missing, is the possibilty it could end up in the wrong hands and be used for criminal purposes. The whole ID card scheme is certainly dead in the water now. Yet another badly thought out idea from a government which continually suffers from a bad case of "kneejerkitis."

cheeky minx said...

ID cards were always a bad idea. They would need to be carried at all times or there would be no point. If they were carried, there would need to be checks that they were being carried or else there is no point. They would need to be free to everyone or else there is no point. penalties for not having them would need to be very high or else there is no point. They would have to be fraud proof, no chance! The point i am making is there is no point so well done whoever lost all the data and threw this idea out with it.

Martyne said...

Baby and bath water comes to mind given Cheeky Minx's comments.