Monday, December 31, 2007

Tea for two

My sister came to tea yesterday. She's up from deepest darkest Dudley, and she's staying, not with any member of our family, but with her boyfriend, who I only found out about last week. Apparently, she's been dropping subtle hints since starting the relationship, but she should've known better by now that anything less subtle than a bunkerbuster warhead, is going to go completely beneath my radar - as it did.
She finally revealed all to Mum on Thursday, two days after I went down for Christmas dinner, and didn't mention a dicky-bird. I think my goose is cooked. Thanks sis! And happy new year!


cheeky minx said...

So subtlety is not your strong point then? You have just made me laugh with that posting, I can imagine your surprise at hearing the news if you had missed all the hints!

Julie said...

Ach well you're not the only one feeling like an eejit. NHS Blog Doctor is alive; he was the target of a rather cruel hoax. Sorry I didn't check it out before I posted to you, but i'm sure you're just as glad as I am that Dr Crippen is still around. If you go onto the Blog Doctor, you'll see in the comments. i'll check properly the next time..