Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back to square one

Guess what? The edict has come down from on high. The MRSA screening time is back down to one month again. I would have claimed that it was this blog's influence, except that the descision was made on the day the previous post came out. Never mind, at least we won't have to cancel patients caught in the two to twelve month trap.
I suspect there's some sort of boardroom battle going on between the management and Infection Control, I wouldn't be surprised if there were further changes. But for now I'm rooting for the management.


cheeky minx said...

You seem to have gone back to the nursy stuff and yet nothing for ages. Come on deacon give us some of your usual weird shit.

cheeky minx said...

What's happened to you, where have you gone? have you dropped off the earth there has been nothing from you in ages. Come back, all is forgiven