Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'll give her my last Rollo

Here, as promised, is the information about the book nearest the computer that I picked for the meme I blogged about yesterday.
It's Love and Will by Dr Rollo May (Souvenir Press, London 1970). Janiebelle, who I got the meme from said last night that she'd found out which book it was, and that wasn't long after posting. I suspect she found out through the internet, but I can't rule out her having the book in her possession, and having read it. If, of course, she turns out to be a close relation of Dr May, then I'm giving up skepticism for good, the universe would then be too darned weird.


JanieBelle said...

Well, truth be told, Google is your friend.


JanieBelle said...

Oh, here was the initial search I used, picking out what seemed like the most quotable line...

Google Search

Sapient Fridge said...

Normally me doing this would have got a Perl programming manual but as it happened a friend just lent me a book and it's still on my desk. Sorry, I don't have a blog - so I'll put the sentences here :-)


Scott won the tournament, and he called me up on Sunday evening.

After telling me what happened, he said he was being interviewed by
the golf writer for a newspaper in Dallas, and was having trouble
explaining to him why the ideas of just having fun had just helped him
win a breakthrough golf tournament.

Then he put the writer on.

I talked for a while about he necssity to relax, enjoy the game and
accept mistakes if a player wants to do his best.


BTW: I don't even play golf!

Deacon Barry said...

I'm starting to realise that quizzes on the internet play by a whole new set of rules. I wonder if there are any questions you can ask that no one can google the answers to.
Janiebelle, I'm so glad you're not related to Rollo May. I would hate to give up being a skeptic.
Fridge, that's the beauty of this particular meme, without the 'nearest book' clause, people would pick books to impress others. It's like the castaways on Desert Island Discs choosing obscure pieces of classical music, when you know they'd really love to go for ABBA, or Village People.