Sunday, December 17, 2006

War of the Worlds

I sometimes feel as if I'm living in two worlds. One is the real world of work, eating and sleeping; the other is the Blogosphere. Both worlds have major events happening, and are populated with a sprinkling of celebrities, but the lists of events and celebrities are completely different.
In the real world, there's Iraq, and the recent US elections. In the Blogosphere there's the Beta Blogger conflict, and the recent voting for the Weblog awards.
In the real world there's Bush, Blair and the Beckhams. In the Blogosphere there's Markos Zuniga and PZ Myers.
Whereas most people in the Blogosphere have heard of the real world, I find that most people I know in the real world are more or less unaware of the Blogosphere's existence. It's difficult to have a conversation about blogging, when you've first got to explain what a blog is. There's no mention of the Blogosphere on the media, no coverage of the exciting campaign waged by Pharyngula and the Bad Astronomer to win the Best Science Blog Award.
It's as if the Blogosphere were some kind of Phantom Zone, invisible and undetectable to the vast majority, constructed from massless blog-neutrinos.
And yet, it has an effect on the real world. The recent Democrat landslide in The USA would surely not have been so devastating were it not for the liberal blogs providing a communication outlet that counterbalanced the traditional media establishment.
If this is merely the beginning, what will happen later? Will the Blogosphere ever break through to the real world, and its events and personalities become familiar to the many?


Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

You're so right---it's kind of like The Matrix or something!

Beach Bum said...

I stumbled into blogging when I was working the 11pm to 7am shift at my last job. I had a lot of time with nothing happening and after a little something about it I went looking and began blogging. But no matter who in my family I talk about it with I get this blank stare and a slight nod. Here in South Carolina blogging is still something lightyears away from awareness.

Deacon Barry said...

Welcome Beach Bum, I get that blank stare too.
Road Nurse, if it's like the Matrix, which is the real world and which the simulation?