Saturday, February 03, 2007

Censorship alert!

Janiebelle has a blog called UDreamOfJanie. It is hosted on Wordpress. She's a science chick (that's her term) who also writes erotic fiction on her blog, so naturally, it is tagged as such. That seems fair enough to me. If people are looking for erotica they are likely to find her blog by going through Wordpress tags.
Not any longer. Wordpress have delisted her and her friend Corporal Kate from their tag lists. Now Janie and Kate are not the only bloggers with erotica on their sites, but they seem to be the only ones targeted.
They only discovered this, when their supply of spam suddenly dropped. Using that as an indication, they suspect that the offending post that seems to have precipitated Wordpress' action is a story that involves a priest. The message that seems to be conveyed here is that writing about sex is fine, but if religion is involved, then hell hath no fury than a bloghost in full righteous indignation mode.
Please go over to their blogs and give them your support. The Blogosphere is one place where free speech must thrive, and an attack on one blogger is an attack upon us all.


JanieBelle said...

No doubt.

WordPress is now censoring all the blogs that use the erotica tag.

They have even begun censoring all the blogs that were protesting for us, regardless of content.

The Boy's blog has been censored, as well, and there is NO "mature content" on his blog.

It's mostly about his wife, his kids, his poetry, and his disability.

No sex or nuthin'.

He just stood up for us, that's all.

Deacon Barry said...

Good job I'm on Blogger then. Though I guess I shouldn't change to Wordpress in the near future.
Are Wordpress that stupid? When word gets out about this, and with all these blogs affected that won't take long, people are going to drop them like an iron brick. No bloghost can afford to lose users at this stage in the development of the blogosphere. This is commercial suicide.

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

I agree, there should be free speech. (Hey thanks for the tip about Jane-Anne---I swear that little girl is going to make all my hair turn white...)

Deacon Barry said...

The important thing about free speech is that you protect the right of people to say the foolish things as well as the wise.
But it also protects the right to challenge those foolish words.