Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Who's Duncan Thorp?

The Scottish elections just got interesting. It seems we have an independent candidate in the listings for Lothian. His name is Duncan Thorp, and it's a hat tip to Scottish Political News for finding him.
He's going for the second vote list seat, but he doesn't have a popular single issue, nor is he well known, which are the two main prerequisites for an independent challenger. So what has he got? His main asset is his inside knowledge of how the Scottish Parliament works. He's worked there as a press officer for the Liberals. He's also not Labour, which is always a good sign. Here's a link to his website http://www.votethorp.com/
I've decided to blog about him, because he's made an effort to engage the netroots. He was quick to respond to the post in the Scottish Political News, which shows he's reading them. The only way he's got a chance of winning is with netroot support.
The American netroots only made their breakthrough last year. We're probably about three years behind them here. Scottish blogs don't have the muscle yet to be a deciding factor in these elections, but it will be an invaluable learning experience trying out tactics and strategy. A good place to start is seeing if it's possible to build up a netroots candidate to something close to a competitive election result. A candidate has presented himself fortuitously for the chase. Who can resist the underdog?

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Duncan Thorp said...

Many thanks, greatly appreciated.

I'm very enthusiastic about the use of technology and the Internet as tools for election campaigning - as well as having the potential to transform democracy and traditional politics. Getting information out there is faster, more effective and cheaper than ever before.

Like the politicians the traditional media are of course naturally conservative and increasingly out of touch with the views of real people, they simply won't give coverage to anyone who isn't a part of the elite Holyrood village.

Netroot support is essential for my campaign and while I will certainly be taking to the streets frequently with leaflets and banners, the work is generally being done without financial backing and with my computer.

Best wishes, Duncan.