Friday, November 30, 2007

Hold your nose and down it goes

A friend of mine has come down with the sniffles, so I took her up something to help. She's just rung to say it's the best thing ever for a sore throat. So what did I give her? Just what I always take when my throat is sore - Co-op Bronchial Mixture!
This concoction, only available from Scotmid, contains capsicum, liquorice, peppermint, anise, treacle and caramel, and is one of the vilest tasting substances you'll ever encounter. You dilute 5ml of it in 20ml of boiling water, and drink it. It's an acquired taste, but by cracky it works on your tubes.
To my knowledge, it has never been advertised, but it beats all your Lem-sips, Night-Nurses and Strepsils into a cocked hat.


Anonymous said...

my granddad swore by this and used to dose me up with it on the first sign of a cold. I always grab a bottle when I have a cold and like you say it is an acquired taste but then my granddad always said medicine shouldn't taste good. Maybe thats why the modern stuff isn't so effective.

kamagra said...

You're right bronchial elixir is the best thing against sore throat, seriously, this medicine is really something.