Monday, November 19, 2007

It's no longer for you-hoo.

At last the calls have stopped. We finally signed up to BT's telephone preference service just over a month ago, and the silence is wonderful. You know the calls I mean, the ones asking you if you want double glazing/ a loan/ a conservatory/ a loan/ a mobile phone/ another bloody loan... Now they've ceased. No longer will my teatimes be interrupted by someone wanting to speak to the houseowner.
If you're with BT and still bothered by marketing calls, I can't recommend this enough. And it's free. All it takes is one phone call (to an automated call process of course, but it's worth the time) and you can be sure that when the phone rings, it'll be someone you want to speak to.
What happens when everybody has signed up? what will the telemarketers do then? Who cares!


Martyne said...

I so agree about the annoying sales calls thing dear. I am with BT and would love to know the No. to call. I am sure there are others in the same position. Please post it as a public service announcement.
Hester phones me every night during the week and I always welcome her calls but I don't need someone trying to sell me a conservatory. I live in a 2nd floor tenement and would need to have it built on stilts!

Deacon Barry said...

Try Customer services:
0800 800 150
It's a free call, but you do have to go through the automated response, so do it during a spare half hour.

Martyne said...

Thanks Deacon. You are such a helpful young man. I am really tired of people phoning up trying to sell me Viagra. I'm not that butch, am I?