Friday, January 18, 2008

Get the picture

This is simply shocking news from Texas. Apparently, they've been having a wheen of UFO sightings there, craft apparently a mile long, flying low and silently, pursued by military jets. But that's not the shocking bit. What I find unbelievable is that nobody has taken a picture of it. This is the twenty-first century, many cellphones have built in digital cameras. Anything unusual in the sky, and you'd expect the place to sound like a geiger counter in Chernobyl with all the electronic clicking.
But no. All we get is the usual wobbly video footage of an ambiguous light, that could be anything really - a weather balloon, an airliner, Dumbo...


cheeky minx said...

You are right, I have one of those phones with built in camera and you can be sure that if I saw something unusual I'd take a photo.

Are these UFOs only seen by members of the Amish communitiies who shun technology?

Chiya said...

Yeah, I'd definitely take a picture too.

Chances are that if it's pursued by military jets it's some sort of military thing they are in the process of making, and testing out or something.

Or, you know, it could be UFOs :)