Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Poet wanted

Gasp! The Eye Pavilion is looking for a poet, and they didn't ask me!
Midlothian Council regularly send me information about writing events. As I cast my eye over their latest missive, the words 'Eye Hospital' leapt out at me. Here's the letter.
Art in Healthcare - Poet for Eye Hospital Project
Area: Edinburgh
Deadline: Wednesday 6 February 2008
Art in Healthcare - a leading charity organisation that provides arts services to the healthcare community - requires a poet to create new poems for the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion in Edinburgh. Poems will be presented in Braille/text and will explore or engage with the issues surrounding visual impairment.
As well as a good portfolio of work and creative talent, it is desirable that poet has one of the following:
Direct experience of working on creative projects in a community, public or healthcare environment:
Awareness of all the issues facing individuals who have gone through, or are experiencing visual impairment.
The project is due to be completed by May 2008. For more information e-mail: rstrang@artinhealthcare.org.uk or tel: 0131 555 7638
I reckon that I qualify for this. I think I'll check it out.


cheeky minx said...

Nowhere on the ad does it say the person has to actually be able to write poems! Strange but true

Marteen said...

Which part of "create new poems" don't you understand cheeky minx? Let us know how you get on with your application dear.

cheeky minx said...

I was reading the bit that said it was desirable to have one of the following and ability to write poems isn't in that bit! A poor defence I do realise.