Monday, January 14, 2008

Not so jammy now

Please return to panic mode. The sun is back in play. The first sunspot of the new cycle has been spotted (urgh, I typed that before I realised the pun). Global warming will proceed as scheduled, and, oh yes, we're all doomed.
Mind you, it's very late, which might indicate a less active sunspot cycle, or a more gradual winding down of solar activity. But no rushing out for a SUV gas guzzler just yet, It's still Lexuses and solar panels for the roof on the agenda. Those carbon emissions have to be reduced, and we ain't got all century folks.


Sister T said...

Don't know if the sunspots are going to make a difference but as you told everyone when it was my birthday I have just one thing to say to you....
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Big Brother
Happy Birthday to you!!
Have a great day
Lots of love from yur wee sister xx

Chiya said...

Yay for reducing carbon emissions. Even if it isn't causing global warming, using renewable energy would cut back on the "need" to go to war with other countries.