Sunday, May 20, 2007

A brush with dematrixulation

The brush has gone missing.
I haven't touched it. My wife hasn't moved it. The cats... well what would they want with a brush anyway?
So in order to sweep up after the cats, my wife has brought down the dustpan and brush from upstairs. Yes, we are a two dustpan and brush household (three if you include the old set in the shed which is used for leaves and garden debris).
All this, of course, is evidence that the Matrix is true and we are living in an elaborate computer simulation.
See, what happens is this, the computer only rezzes stuff that you're actually looking at. If it's not in your field of vision, it merely becomes stored information. Now, obviously, at certain times, depending on what arcane factors influence the running of the program, we're getting glitches. And when they happen, stuff fail to get rezzed. Stuff like the brush, the socks, the glasses, the fish from the fridge... (don't ask. It's still a mystery.*)
Sometimes, after a day or two in limbo, the objects mysteriously reappear. I'm kinda hoping that's what'll happen to the brush. Sometimes they don't.

*The fish was one of those things that did reappear. That's the mystery!


spocko said...

Hi Deacon Barry!

I read somewhere that when you die when you get to heaven you get back all the things you lost in your life.

I love that story. Personally I not only want the object, but I want to know it's journey. Especially my wind up race car from Germany. My aunt brought it for me and I loved it.
What did it go? Does it still exist? What adventures did it go on? Did I look at it and it hadn't rezzed? Who knows. During eternity I want to watch the videos of all those objects. That should take about 3years.

JanieBelle said...

But why is it always just one sock of a pair, never both?

I've never figured that part out...