Friday, May 04, 2007

Clearing up the mess after the night before

What a pig's arse of an election! The phrases "brewery", "piss-up" and "couldn't organise" come to mind. It's been over nineteen hours since the polls closed, and we still don't know who's won - apart from the spoiled ballot party, who unfortunately don't have any candidates.
For readers in America, we're trying this novel concept called democracy in Scotland. Unfortunately the organisers underestimated the inherent numptiness endemic in the general populace. It's now official, there are people who are too stupid to vote. We just never had a way of screening them out before. Obviously holding two elections at the same time with completely different voting systems is the way to go about it.
So far, Labour and the SNP seem to be neck and neck. It'll be interesting to see what combinations of parties will eventually make up Government.


Mother Jones RN said...

Hey Deacon:

We have stupid voters in America, too. They voted for Bush....TWICE!


Anonymous said...

Read your blogg today, thoroughly enjoyable!
Angel No. 1!

Deacon Barry said...

And wasn't there something about hanging chads too?
Howdy Majji, glad you could drop by.

Julie said...

hi Deacon,

in Airdrie and Shotts, Karen Whitfield won by less than 100O votes and there were 1500 spoiled papers. Case for a recount I think. Btw my vote was 1850; would have been 2600 if it hadn't been for NHS First, but I can at least take some comfort that they spent so much money adn lost their deposit in the process.