Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The brush has reappeared! So has another one. But just because they reappeared when I pulled the freezer out to clean behind it, doesn't mean my hypothesis below isn't true. It just makes it more difficult to get folk to believe it.
Spocko , in the comments to the previous post, says that he read somewhere that when you get to heaven you get back all the things you lost in your life. If that's so, what in tarnation am I going to do with several dozen odd socks?


Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

That's interesting about getting lost things back in Heaven. Does it count for things "lost" in a divorce, heh!

Julie McAnulty said...

Hi Deacon,

Don't mean to be sexist here, but you guys don't know how to look for anything. My dad regularly can't find things, but it's because if the thing he's looking for doesn't jump up and do the can-can, then he doesn't see it. Looking's work! Even more so if it's something connected with housework, like a brush. Now, if it was a bottle of whiskey, that would be completely different, but as for a fish, well, it had better get that feather boa and mini skirt on..