Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You need never run out of milk again

Here's a tip about storing milk for your coffee and wheatybangs. You can freeze milk! Yes you can! What we do is buy a couple of 2-litre bottles and put them in the freezer. When we're down to a third full of the opened bottle, we retrieve one of the frozen ones, and stand it in a small saucepan overnight to thaw. The pan is important, if you don't want a wet worktop.
Before you open the thawed bottle, give it a good shake, to mix up any separation.
Doing this saves having to rush down to Scotmid at the last minute in the pouring rain.

Or, you could get a cow.


Martyn said...

Discovered the freezing milk wheeze years ago. Not only should you give it a good shake, as you say, because it inverts and the cream goes to the bottom (weird) but you also need to leave some airspace because the water content expands. Water is at it's most dense at 4C (fridge temperature). Hotter or colder and it takes up more space. Have now moved onto Long Life milk because I prefer the taste and so do not need the afore mentioned technique, but thanks for the reminder. Martyn

Deacon Barry said...

Fortunately, plastic bottles have enough give in them to allow for the increased volume of frozen milk. Glass bottles would be much messier.