Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another can of memes

Martyne's just tagged me with a meme that I've actually participated in before, but I don't mind, as there was a different book within reach. Da roolz r: go to page 123 of the book closest to hand. Go to the fifth sentence and write down the next four sentences. People then have to guess which book you chose. Guess what? I was spot on with Martyne's choice!

Try this:

And the brotherhood of nations

Aboot the love of a woman

And the gifts of creation

He'd soon be a star - 'The Ayrshire Sensation'

You're so not going to guess this one.


Martyne said...

Don't get too smug about guessing my meme. Am sure I made it too easy. As for yours I have a couple of clues although I don't have an answer. The first is the use of the word "aboot" which is Scots for "about" and the second hinges around the mention of Ayreshire. A certain Mr Robert Burns was born in Alloway which lies in said county. The piece seems to be about him, rather than by him. This is as far as I can go. Am I on the right track?

Deacon Barry said...

All the way to Waverley. The poem (for that is what it is) is even titled 'Rabbie Burns Revisited'

Martyne said...

"All the way to Waverley" leads me to believe I have hit upon Walter Scott. Him of the railway station (and I wasn't even fishing for the answer with the "right track comment")and novels of the same name. Am I right.

Deacon Barry said...

Sorry, Waverley was just used because it's a station, in resonse to 'on the right track' I could have said 'all the way to Haymarket' also.

Martyne said...

Throwing my words back at me are you, you young whippersnapper. JanieBelle, I need your intellectual might on this one. Where are you girl? (Haymarket is also a railway station should you not know).