Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sibling rivalry?

I've just watched the last episode of Doctor Who. Wow! I must admit, I've got questions. Are the Doctor and the Master siblings? We've had hints. I bet they're setting up the plot lines for the next season. I wonder if we'll get a bit more of their early life. It would be nice to find out the significance of the Doctor's name. He chose it after all. And what's his real name? I bet it's something obvious, like Hu Jann Smyt. The Master once called himself James Stoker. James and John? Hmm.


JanieBelle said...

Please just do remember that us Yanks get the good Doctor a season behind you. Thus, the third season doesn't begin here until this Friday. Should you have anything of import to discuss, do us a favor and warn us of spoilers so that we might avert our vision.

Thanks and Kisses

julie said...

Was musing after this episode of Dr Who, that it's time some mad dictator of the universe realised that it's not a good idea to have all your Daleks/Cybermen/alien things connected to one central computer that someone can plunge an axe into and save the world at a stroke..

Think the Doctor needs to save the world a little less. Would love to see more episodes like 'Blink'

Deacon Barry said...

B-b-but if you don't centralise, how can you maintain control of your minions? Delegation only leads to anarchy, and multiple committees arguing about coffee rotas.