Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pish Bish

As you know, according to the Bishop of Carlisle, the recent flooding in parts of England are not due to the natural effects of geography and meteorology, but due instead to the immorality and permissiveness of our society in allowing gay people to marry. Thus he posits a causal relationship between human behaviour and bad weather. So now we have the means to alleviate the extremes in weather. All we have to do is behave in a manner pleasing to his Grace, and we can expect pleasant summers and mild winters for ever more.
It is quite obvious, that Sheffield and Doncaster are sinkholes of vice and depravity, and fully deserved to be submerged, as opposed to those worthy centres of gay culture, Brighton and Manchester which were not affected.


Martyne said...

Rearrange (never sure with words that start with re whether to use a hyphen or not, but my dictionary says no)these words in to a well known phrase or saying. Of Bishop Carlisle Tosser.It is currently raining here. Using your logic I am going to seriously lust after JanieBelle (even more than usual) and the sun should come out.

JanieBelle said...

Not one single complaint about that from this end.

Just so y'know.



Martyne said...

Did what I said I would do with reference to JanieBelle, and the sun did indeed come out. It seems that God does approve of our relationship after all. Much though I want her, if George Clooney turned up at my door I might have to tell her I was busy.Please don't let on. I would never want to hurt her feelings, but he is soooo sexy.