Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Enter stage right

We've just got a new addition to the family. His name is Shakespeare, and he's a siamese kitten. We've just driven down to Moffat and back to collect him, so now he's in the box resting after his ordeal.


Martyne said...

Why do you and JanieBelle feel the need to name your pets after someone who can write poetry and prose? As far as I am aware, dogs and cats are barely able to piss and shit, and have no academic ability. Get in touch with reality guys.

Steven Bently said...

Yeah I totally agree why would anyone want to disgrace a person that has been in the ground for hundreds of years? You and I both know that people whom are dead, and are easily insulted by us using their names, that are alive and living above the ground. In fact, I happen to know it makes dead people very angry, for us just to mention their names, and can you blame them? Why hell no, so don't make the same mistake and some day end up dead, because people up here living could use your name in vain. Sheesh what a dumb ass!

Besides I have a cat and his name is Napoleon and he seeks and conquers new uncharted territory behind and under my couch, under my bed, under my dresser, places that only a cat could wonder and hide from me.

"As far as I am aware, dogs and cats are barely able to piss and shit, and have no academic ability."

As far as you are aware? Who sets the standards for academic ability? Humans do. Humans basically do the same thing as animals, eat, shit, piss, fart, kill other humans, actually it appears from history that humans may be less intelligent than other land animals, we set our own standards of what appears to us to be noble or wise or intelligent.

But you have set your own standard as to naming animals after literary greats as being unintelligent, I hope your real name is not taken from a dead person, that would be such a tragedy.

Interrobang said...

My cat, who is named after a long-dead Roman emperor, because of his colour and his incredible bossiness, is a better communicator than the first commenter. He doesn't speak English, but he doesn't have to.

Martyne said...

I'll try and use short words so that the likes of "steven bently" and "interrobang" can understand this. No one is talking about disgrace. Try looking up "inappropriate" the next time you find yourself near a dictionary guys. Should you know what that is. You may not agree with the actions of some historical figures, each to their own, but you can still respect them, should you be in possession of a brain. They put some thought into their actions, unlike dumb domestic animals, and certain bloggers.

Martyne said...

OK, I was a bit heavy handed with my last comment. I am sorry if I treaded on any toes. I thought I was over the whole "hormone thing" but it seems I am not. You give your felines whatever name you want. Just love them with all of your heart. It is all they ask of us. Well, that, and tasty food. A nice litter box also goes down well!