Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Talking politics

So where exactly does Deacon Barry stand on the issues of the day? Where am I coming from politically? I did some political analyses quizzes, and here are the results.
It seems I am both fish and fowl, I appear to be both extremely right wing and left wing at the same time according to one quiz, and an anarchist according to the other. What they do show is that I am very anti-authoritarian. I am opposed to fascism, be it right wing, left wing or religious, but you probably guessed that from my posts. I'm in favour of the free market. I think recreational drugs should be legalised. Prisons should be for rehabilitation. And gay marriage should be universal. Oh, and nurses should get lots more money.


Jo said...

I agree with you on the gay marriage and the Nurses getting more money thing. lol

Deacon Barry said...

Thanks for dropping by Jo.