Monday, October 22, 2007

First with the news

Booyah! I scooped the Scotland on Sunday with my previous post! I went up on Saturday with it, and they, of course, ran it the next day. A small victory I grant you, but now I feel I'm starting to pull ahead of the game. The next goal is to have somebody in the media mention this blog as a source for a story.


cheeky minx said...

if any journalists come knocking on my door for information I will point them in the direction of your blog. Hope that will be of assistance

Martyne said...

Hadn't realised you had scooped the regular press with your comments. Well done. Like cheeky minx I will point the "also ran" journalists in your direction if they are in need of some "hot" information. Good work. As a homage, I have repeated the story (in my own way) on my blog.

Martyne said...

You are probably right about the fundies being pissed. In fact, I popped my head out of the window a short time ago and I am sure I detected an odour of burning books coming from the Bible Belt!