Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gotta catch em all

Typical. You wait ages for a tv channel devoted to anime, then two come along at once. Anime Network and Anime Central. Admittedly, they're only on in the evening, and Network only takes up two hours on the Propeller channel, but they're both showing some really cool stuff. Anime Network (Sky 195) is currently running The Guyver, and Elfen Leid, as well as Neo Genesis Evangelion. And on Central (Sky 199) you can catch up on Vision of Escaflowne, Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex, Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach. There's also Transformers in the mix - that'll take you back somewhat.
I'm binging out each evening at the moment. It's sheer shounen bliss.


Anonymous said...

Dear Deacon,
Having recently found myself on your blog during my research into foreign languages, I have to question you on the oneC you are using in this instance. At first glance it appeared to be English but on further reading I am not so sure. I feel it must be brought to your attention for the sake of other bloggers that the language in question should be identified so that they may use the appropriate phrase book. In other words what the devil are you babbling on about!!
Confused of Magdalene
Professor Chat E.R. Box

Chuck McKay said...

Maybe its American?

cheeky minx said...

and i thought it was just me who didn't get it.

Deacon Barry said...

The language is Japlish. Everything in italics is the tiles of anime shows. Shounen means manga for boys. All the shows mentioned are shounen, in that they contain some or all of the following: full on ninja fighting, scantily clad females, and giant robots.

Martyne said...

I can relate to the scantily clad females bit. But the language thing has got me beat. But if it makes you happy dear, who am I to judge. What does "anime" mean exactly?

Deacon Barry said...

It means simply an animated feature produced in Japan. Pokemon and Dragonball Z are anime, as was Battle of the Planets.
Manga is the printed form - comics and graphic novels. Many anime have been produced from manga.

cheeky minx said...

I'm sure there is still room for more pokemon cards in your collection!