Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Elation and elevation

It's celebration time! The Democrats have won the House of Representatives. Also, South Dakota's nasty little abortion ban got well and truly trashed. It's a good day for democracy, and the forces of tolerance.
It wasn't such a good day for the lifts at work. Both of them stopped working this morning at the same time. We couldn't move patients between the ward and theatre. There were delays and cancellations. Typical Wednesday!


Mother Jones RN said...

I am one happy American. Thank God my countrymen are finally coming to their senses.


Deacon Barry said...

I agree it is a time for celebration. The forces of good have triumphed. But what happens in ten years time after two terms of a Democrat Presidency, Senate and Congress, when the people are desperate for another change? That's when the Religious Right will seize their opportunity. There will be a whole new generation of Righteous Warriors coming to the fore - home-schooled, Jesus-camped, with Christian college degrees - and they won't be taking any prisoners!
The battle has been won, but the war continues.