Sunday, November 19, 2006

Retinology 101

One week to go until I become a college lecturer. As I think I mentioned before, I've been asked to teach Retinal Detachment 101 to the Ophthalmic Nursing students, so I've been boning up on the subject. Did you know that there are twenty-five kinds of Amacrine cells in the retina? (Did you know we had Amacrine cells?) And no-one is quite sure what they do. There is a gaping hole in our knowledge of human anatomy.
Did you know that rods and cones are similar to fingernails? They're modified hairs that grow continuously and have to be trimmed regularly.
Here's another factoid. You've got about seven million cones - colour photoreceptors - but only 1% of them are actually in your fovea, where your central vision is focused.
Anyway, I'm working my three twelve-hour shifts on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week, so I'll be unlikely to be posting again until Thursday.


Mother Jones RN said...

Good grief, I didn't know any of that stuff. Maybe I should take your class. I wonder if I can get tuition reimbursement from my boss for a plane ticket to Scotland:-)


kate loving shenk said...

congratulations, professor!!

here's a link to my weekly newsletter for nurses:

peace--enjoy your 3 twelves!!

kate loving shenk

Deacon Barry said...

I'm sure there would be no problem whatsoever in getting your boss to fund an all expenses paid study trip to Scotland ;)
One shift down, two to do.