Saturday, November 04, 2006


Ted Haggard, beacon of the Religious Right, scourge of homosexuality is thoroughly and absolutely hoist by his own petard. He's being seeing a male prostitute for three years, and has been buying methamphetamines from him. This he has admitted. But he claims he has not had sex. Yeah....right. That's up there with "I did not have sexual relations with..." Now Ted may not have had full on penetrative intercourse, in which case, his "no sex" claim is technically true in its narrowest sense. But if one needs massage on a regular basis, there are plenty of qualified massage practitioners who would be willing to come to your home, with the proper equipment, to give a proper therapeutic massage, quite openly. No-one would think anything of it. Being a televangelist is a very physical job. Heck, Ted could probably afford a full-time masseur! Well, up until yesterday anyway.
No, Ted has to come to terms with his gay yearnings, and do a St Paul-like conversion, to use his talents to push for gay marriage. That way he can find redemption.


Mother Jones RN said...

I also like his claim about buying drugs but never using them. That's right up there with Clinton's statement, "I didn't inhale." Do we have "stupid" written on us somewhere?

I don't care if someone is gay, but if they are gay, it makes me sick when the gay-bash.


Deacon Barry said...

Other blogs are saying the same thing, using the Clinton comparison.The guy must realise he's just making the situation worse. Nobody believes him. Even the people in his church don't believe him! He'd be far better admitting everything, doing a Jimmy Swaggart-type "I have sy-inned-uh!" with copious flows of tears. They would forgive him - they would! They really love this fall and redemption kick.
By the way, Haggard - Swaggart, close rhyme there. And what about Rod and Ross Parsley? What are the chances of having two preachers with names like that?