Monday, November 27, 2006

Well I never!

Private Eye finally came up with an update on the story about the Jersey water supply. The Jersey States thought a water dowser more convincing than the British Geological Survey. But before committing themselves, the did arrange for some test bores, to see if the moon really was pulling water from France.
The results are in, and guess what? No water!!
Geological science -1 Pseudoscience -0.
Jersey States have now wasted a few hundred pounds searching for non-existent water, that the geologists told them wasn't there!
Remember this story, and remind people of it when they look like making decisions based on woo and flim-flam


Chloe said...

Hi, I found your blog going to 'next blog' as I don't care what celebrities are doing anymore and decided to see what actual people have to say. Your lecture sounded interesting, maybe also as a party game? I get a similar experience by just removing my contacts so maybe not. Feel free to check out my blog here, no deep thoughts, just chit chat. Have a great night!

Deacon Barry said...

Wow! You got to my blog by pressing the drunken sailor button. Do drop by again. I've submitted that post to the nurse's carnival - Change of Shift.