Thursday, November 02, 2006

This means war!

It's a conspiracy! God is for Suckers is back up, and I find that other blogs have been hit. So far I know of four casualties, apart from myself, but there may be more who haven't reported in.
Blogroll of the injured
If I hear of any more, I will keep you posted.
This is starting to look like deliberate sabotage of athiest blogs. If it is, then the hacker has committed a crime. Not only that, but by attacking me, it becomes an international crime, since the victims are in different countries.
This is a happening in progress. More news as I get it.


Mother Jones RN said...

If people are going after athiest blogs, they need to go to jail.


Deacon Barry said...

Directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200.
The only trouble is, with Hovind guilty, and Coulter and Harris facing court, jails are going to become a university of wingnuttery.

Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Deacon,

I'm not an atheist by any scale, but I write about religious fraud. I have noticed intermittent problems with my blogs in recent months that directly coincide with new articles and replies focused on religious fraud and the Vatican. Don't forget to factor direct Vatican interference into your observations. I noticed after a couple of my articles during the DaVinci Code hoopla, when I was posting replies quite heavily, that I had a spate of suspicious activity directed at my IP from Italy, Korea, and South America. The Italian activity was directly related to postings talking about the Vatican, and came about within minutes of posting several replies.

Hope this helps.

Deacon Barry said...

Thanks Seven Star Hand. Welcome to the blog.

Bean said...

Seven Star Hand, that's really interesting. 1)Priests using the Internet! and 2)the Vatican would never interfere in international affairs, especially when they involve heretics and blasphemers (read:me).

Hello, Deacon Barry. Just popped over from a GifS link. ;)

Deacon Barry said...

Hello Bean, thanks for dropping by.
The Catholic Church is a powerful entity. It would be naive to think it has no interest whatsoever in trying to control or influence world events.