Friday, January 26, 2007

Dispatch from forward position 209

So far so good. No major problems so far, only minor technical difficulties that we can iron out over the next week or so. We managed to transfer over with our patient to the Royal this afternoon, and soon got her settled in a side room. I've managed to sort out the eye drops in the cupboard, and the pharmacy order for the fridge arrived only two hours after the appointed time. We can't access our computer account on the intranet, but hopefully a call to IT next week will sort that out. The staff on 209 are friendly, and are looking forward to us being there.
But the plastic aprons... they're PINK!


Interrobang said...

You have a problem with pink aprons? Afraid someone will think you're a gay parent and call down the Catholic Wrath of God on you? ;)

Deacon Barry said...

Pink so doesn't go with blue and white. That's all.