Friday, January 19, 2007

Everyone knows it's windy

I'm back.
Yesterday was not a good day for travelling. I saw two overturned lorries on the M6. It was closed between junctions 32 & 33, due to an accident, so we had to make a detour through Preston, and got stuck in a traffic jam with an entire motorway's worth of traffic on a single-lane road. Eventually, I couldn't take no more, so I abandoned the A6 and struck out along the country lanes, and bypassed the bypass. When I rejoined the A6 at Lancaster, the traffic had rejoined the M6, so there were clear roads north, until I got to Scotland. The A7 is closed at Langholm, so I had to detour via Moffat and the A701. All this in gale-force winds.
Anyway, I'm back. Anything happen while I was away?


Mother Jones RN said...

I've been reading about your weather today in the Washington Post. Personally, I think it's connected with global warming. I'm glad you made it home OK.


Deacon Barry said...

Huh. Some global warming. I've got the radiators on full blast trying to warm the house.

bently said...

Welcome back Barry, nothing exciting much over here, except we have about 65 people that went to be with the Lord because of a winter snow storm, they are blaming El-nino for the unusual weather. All Hail, El-nino! or is it Global Warming?

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

The weather is hell here in Texas after the ice-blast. The temp is still only in the upper 30's and the snow/sleet turned to rain. (And I have turned into a nurse-popsicle...)

Deacon Barry said...

What flavour?