Monday, January 22, 2007


It's the five things about me meme. Stardust did hers, and tagged anybody who read the post, so I think I'll give it a go.
Five things about me
  1. My entire employment history: Paperboy, Archaeological Site Assistant, Visual Doorbell Installer, Video Project Worker, Stage Lighting Technician, Scriptwriter, Market Researcher, Nurse.
  2. I have Tourette's Syndrome.
  3. I was born a few hundred yards from Banbury Cross, but I grew up in Leith.
  4. I play Bridge.
  5. Lord Byron and David Cameron are my fourth cousins.

So that's my five things. Why don't you have a go?


Stardust said...

Archaeological Site Assistant

Lucky you! I would love to do something like that. How did you get that job?

Lord Byron and David Cameron are my fourth cousins.

That is awesome! Do you have any family treasures that belonged to them?

Deacon Barry said...

The Archeology job was a summer job that I got through being a member of an archaeological society. I helped excavate part of the Roman road at Cramond.
My relationship to the aforementioned gentlemen comes about from an alleged illicit liaison between my Great-Great-Grandmother and the Lord Lieutenant of Morayshire, so of course it is unofficial, but a great thing to put in a blog.

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

I adore Byron. "We sat down and wept by the waters Of Babel, and thought of the day"....

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

You've inspired me. I put that quote on my latest blog entry.

beepbeepitsme said...

I have already done my 5 things. Lord Byron as a fourth cousin? Now THAT is pretty cool.

Interrobang said...

Five things about me:

1) I was born over 2000 miles from where I now live, and I live both on the same continent and in the same country as where I was born. (One of the advantages to living in the second-largest country on the planet, heh heh.)

2) I'm currently procrastinating over a technical writing project, because right now, I can concentrate about as well as a Zen the after-shoot party, where they were serving up boilermakers and a large pan of hash brownies was making the rounds.

3) Two of my grandparents are from Scotland, one on either side.

4) I'm working on a book on streetcars. My paternal grandfather and my mother's paternal grandfather were both streetcar drivers. These facts are not actually related.

5) My computers are on a network, so they all have names. They are named Stephen, Harlan, and Isaac. The first two are named after Stephen King and Harlan Ellison. Everyone thinks that my laptop "Isaac" is named after Isaac Asimov, but it's actually named after Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Deacon Barry said...

Interrobang, I believe you mentioned that one of your Grandfathers was a tram driver in Edinburgh. You may be interested to know that the tram livery was the same as the Lothian buses are today - burgundy & cream, which just happen to be the colours of one of our football teams, namely Heart of Midlothian Football Club, or Hearts for short. Another bus company, Eastern Scottish, now long since subsumed into the First Bus empire, coloured their buses green to match the other Edinburgh team Hibernian (Hibs).
They're thinking about reintroducing trams back to Edinburgh. I think they're counting on the nostalgia factor for support, but it won't be the same.