Sunday, June 03, 2007

And the score was...?

We came last.
But with our dignity intact.
We had the smallest team. And if you thought 'Popmaster' on the Ken Bruce show was hard, this was downright diabolical.
I did well on the 'answering questions before they're even asked,' though. Pity there weren't any points for it. One of the rounds was naming record and artist and the record and artist sampled. I tried to explain it to one of my teammates : "You know that Madonna song where she includes a bit from that Abba song?"
Guess what was question number one in that round?
In the 'guess the relationships between two artists,' once I heard Judy Garland's voice, I was writing down Liza Minelli in the second column straightaway.
Controversy of the night - Dionne Warwick and Whitney Houston : Aunt and niece or cousins? Discuss.


Martine(formerly known as Martyn) said...

Know what you mean about the "Popmaster" quiz on the Ken Bruce show. If I get into double figures I feel I have done well. And that's adding a whole weeks scores together!

Deacon Barry said...

I have never considered entering it for that reason. I'd do abysmally.