Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dinos at dawn

It's Celebrity Death Match time. The two contenders I want you to consider are Barney (Cute Purple Dinosaur) versus HR Pufenstuf.
I consider this to be an evenly matched pairing. Both are seven foot tall raptors - OK one's a dinosaur and the other is a dragon, but it's close enough.
My initial assessment is that Pufenstuf has the advantage. He's an experienced politician, forward planner - his rescue service rehearse their procedures often, and his environment can be hostile, due to the attacks of Witchypoo.
Barney, on the other hand starts out looking like the under-raptor in this contest. He's the much younger challenger, lacking Pufenstuf's emotional maturity. His environment is very non-threatening, so his lack of combat experience could hold him back.
He's a T-Rex, for Tinky-Winky's sake! OK, one that's fallen a really, really long way from the tree, but he's got the equipment - a large jaw with developed musculature due to years of singing. It's possible that if he's really pushed, his reptilian brain and raptor heritage could kick in and give him the edge.
So, Barney or Pufenstuf? You decide!


Martyne said...

I remember dinosaurs in The Flintstones, but wasn't Barney a guy married to Betty. And Pufenstuf is one of the four houses in Hogwarts. Isn't it? Doesn't seem like an even contest to me.

Deacon Barry said...

Hmm... Harry Potter v Barney Rubble? Or better still, Hermione Grainger v Wilma Flintstone? What about a tag match?

MarkKS said...

Alternativly lets just arm the photon torpedoes and come in peace boldly exploring the galaxy on behal of the UFP.


Martyne said...

Hermione and Wilma engaged in a wrestling match? Next thing, you'll want them covered in mud or baby oil, you dirty boy. I'm shocked!