Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Oh dear. The logo for the 2012 London Olympics has been unveiled. Oh dear. It cost £400,000. Oh dear.
Now it's meant to be a stylised representation of 2012, and it's all very trendy, but unfortunately, to a growing number of people, it's putting them in mind of Lisa Simpson giving - how can I say this delicately - sexual favours of the Monica Lewinsky variety.
Now remember, this cost £400K, and for the next five years, people are going to be looking at this and sniggering.
I don't blame Tessa Jowell and Wolff-Olins (the designers) for not seeing this interpretation before the unveiling. It's just an unfortunate placing of the elements that is suggestive to the filthy-minded out here. It could happen to anyone. But if only Wolff-Olin could have come up with a selection of logos for public perusal. This could then have been rejected in favour of something a little less suggestive.
Politicians are not the best people to make artistic judgements.
If you want to know what people think about the logo, click here.

(Via Mr Eugenides.)

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Martyne said...

Hadn't noticed the Lisa Simpson overtones of the new 2012 logo and had originally gone down the popular SS route. But now you have mentioned it I will probably get no sleep tonight. She is one of my role models. At least she will not be represented in her true colour, yellow. Black has also gone in the new bastardised, sorry "modernised", colour scheme. And red is now a girly pink. Lord save us!