Saturday, June 09, 2007

In which Deacon Barry is surrounded by a bevy of beauties

Last night I was at a friend's birthday party. She was crowned Miss Edinburgh twice, back in the seventies when they used to have beauty pageants. In honour of this, we held a beauty contest at the party, and I was the compere. I wore my bow tie and dinner jacket specially for the occasion, and affected my cheesiest mid-atlantic twang as I introduced the girls.
We had fourteen contestants, including a Lola from Brazil, a Debbie from Dallas, and a Paris from LA. I can't be sure, but I don't think they were giving me their right names.
The winner, judged on looks, poise and personality was Debbie from Dallas.


martyne said...

sounds like a great gig for you. did you know that bevy can also refer to a flock of quails, or a group of roedeer! Anal or what!

Deacon Barry said...

Which is better? A bevy of beauties, or the beauty of bevvy?

martyne said...

This is a daddy or chips question. Rember the ad?

martyne said...

Can't believe my spelling has gone so tits up.Oops let myself go again. All these years at Roedean and Girton, and it comes to this. I'm a fallen woman. And I feel a strong urge to use the "f" word. Oh deary me! Getting back on course, I should have said "Remember the ad? Silly me.

JanieBelle said...

In which Deacon Barry leads the current UDoJ poetry contest.