Friday, June 08, 2007

Qualified to blog?

Are bloggers born rather than made? It's a common theme among writers that their favourite subject at school was English (or whatever their first language is) specifically, the creative writing part of the subject. Is it the same for bloggers?
It was definitely my favourite part of the school week. It was no chore. My regret was that it didn't give me enough time to finish any of the stories I started. I'd be just getting onto page two of my science-fiction epic (hey! I said I enjoyed writing, I never said I had any taste!) when the bell would ring, and it would be on to the next lesson.
The question for today is, should prospective bloggers be people who enjoyed writing at school?


Joseph said...

I don't think bloggers should necessarily be those who enjoyed writing, more that those who enjoyed writing are probably more inclined to blog. Although blogging isn't original fiction which is what would typically be created in those classes, there is a definite story-telling quality to it which probably never leaves the people who find it enjoyable.

Deacon Barry said...

It would be interesting to poll bloggers to see if there were a correlation between long-term blogging, and enjoyment of creative writing.