Monday, July 24, 2006

Catch 22

Here's a dilemna for the US government. Suppose they reintroduce the draft, to provide enough troops to fight in the middle east, if the situation between Israel and Lebanon escalates. What happens if you're drafted and you're gay? At present, there's a ban on gay people serving in the military.
Will the US government:
a. Drop the ban? This would seriously piss off the top brass, as well as being a complete U-turn in policy.
b. Continue the ban? This would make being gay an automatic get out of the draft card.

c. Continue the ban, but demonise gay people as draft dodgers?
d. Continue the ban, and draft anyone who claims to be gay, because they're only saying they're gay to get out of the draft?
Post your answers to the comments section, and remember Corporal Klinger.

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