Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rude Fruit

I found this rude strawberry the other day amongst a punnet I bought at the market, so I thought I would share it with you; the photograph I took of it, not the strawberry itself, which by the way was delicious.
It's also given me the opportunity to try out the picture loading feature, to adorn this blog with colour.
Deacon Barry, the blog that's not afraid to go into very dark places, such as the suggestive groceries segment of that stalwart of consumer activism of the seventies - 'That's Life!'
I'm overcome with the memories of Esther Rantzen and Cyril Fletcher. So much so, I'll have to leave you with an odd ode:
Oh Strawberry, thou art sweet.
Oh Strawberry, thou lookest good enough to eat.
Oh Strawberry, I have a hunch,
I'll be having you for lunch.

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