Monday, July 10, 2006

Fouled River

Antisemitism is alive and well and living in a town called Indian River, Delaware. A Jewish family, name of Dobrich, had to move out of town due to the aggressive Christianity of the town. For details, go here and here.
People in Britain just don't get what's happening in America. Christianity in the US is like a cancer, eating away at all that's good and wholesome in society. It's attacking free speech, education, science, civil liberties and culture. In Britain there might be one holy roller in your workplace, in America, if you're not born again, then you're the odd one out.
So places like Indian River are very difficult to live in if you're the wrong religion. The Dobriches suffered because nobody stood with them, except one other family who remain anonymous. They were targeted for insults and even got a veiled death threat!
I hope it can't happen here. Trouble is, a lot of our cultural trends are imported from the US - rap culture for example. There are people here who would welcome a more widespread evangelical world view in British society. If the US moves even further towards theocracy, it might start making religious conditions to trade and diplomacy. Already, christian charities in Africa are pushing their message with their aid, and denying help to those who won't accept what they're saying.
Be vigilant! We can't say it'll never happen here. Religion is a route to power, and there are people who will fight for that power.
Just remember Indian River. That's what's ahead of us if we don't guard against it. And it's not just jewish people who are at risk. Muslims, gays, athiests, pagans, socialists, scientists, teachers; we're all vulnerable. Read the links above and tell the people you know. Let's make Indian River a byword for bigotry.

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