Friday, July 07, 2006

Don't let it poop on my parade!

So there I am, explaining to my colleague that homeopathy is a load of bollocks, that if the claims are true and diluting a substance makes it more potent, then the amount of dinosaur poop that has been diluted in the worlds oceans over the last two hundred million years would completely overwhelm the feeble dilution of herbal essences.
She says "Show me!"
I point to the computer: "It's on the internet."
I Google homeopathy and find an article on the Lancet study which poo-poohs homeopathy.
She reads it, then triumphantly announces, "There you are, a WHO report says that homeopathy does have some effect!"
By the time I've read the paragraph, she's gone.
The paragraph seems to be a quote from a homeopath, and therefore suspect, but there's no context to the quote, no mention of which study. And the moment is past.
Damn you internet!

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