Monday, October 09, 2006

Death of a blogger

I just found out this morning that Sean from God is for Suckers has died. Apparently he died in his sleep on Friday. He had been ill for some time, but had put off treatment. Tragically his death came only two weeks after his father's death. His blog, GiFS for short, is an athiest blog, and his posts were an entertaining and incisive take on the absurdities of Christian Fundamentalism. I only started reading the blog this year, but his 'voice' was distinctive. The best post he did was on April 1st, when he put up a complete false web page, announcing that he'd seen the light, repented, and was now born again! When I saw this I said WTF! When I clicked on the page for further information, all was revealed - April Fool!
I don't know much more about him, what his last name is, or what he looked like. He lived in San Francisco. Hopefully somebody will post an obituary on the site.
I'm sad he's dead. The Blogosphere is still in its infancy, and already a leading light has been extinguished. He'll never see how blogging matures and develops over the next few decades, or how GiFS fares. I hope it survives. It is a communal blog with a number of contributors. But Sean will be missed.

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stardust said...

Thanks for the very nice post in memory of Sean. That was indeed a very excellent April Fool's joke on even the moderators. When we went to check the queue, etc we had the same reaction as you did...WTF?!!! I thought some hacker was messing with us as did a couple others mods and we were looking for how to fix it. Of course, most of us mods don't have the technical knowledge that Sean had to pull off such a prank. He really had us all going!

We are still all in shock from this. We all knew he was sick, and the death of his father took a lot out of him before he had a chance to fully recover. We are going to miss him very much. It's sort of like being an army without a general now. But we will do the best we can to keep GifS going and with all the loyal readers and commenters like yourself, I am sure we will do Sean proud as we continue what he, and originally Ron started.
See you around at GifS.

(interesting blog...I will visit regularly to read through your archives.)