Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. The bogles and beasties have been at my computer. When I clicked on my favourites, I found everything in disorder. Some links have been lost, (don't worry, I'll get them back) and others were in the wrong place. I've just checked Snopes, and there's no mention of a Halloween virus, so I'm baffled.
Not many guisers tonight. We've bought a couple of bags of sweets, but so far only two parties of three.
I got a Halloween joke from one of them:
Q: Why is today a monster's favourite day?
A: Because it's Chews day!


Sapient Fridge said...


Here's an old techie joke for you:

Q: Why do computer programmers get Halloween and Christmas mixed up?

A: Because oct 31 = dec 25

Deacon Barry said...

Now that is a weird coincidence. Of course, it could be that to programmers, everything is hexed.