Monday, October 23, 2006

Absens in Remota

By way of Pharyngula comes this interesting site. It tells you how many people in the USA have the same name as you. So I typed in Christopher Dallman, and got the answer 6. Now one of these I already know about. He's the one who occupies my spot on Google, and doesn't let me appear until page 7 or 8. That leaves five unaccounted for. Remember, I live in Scotland, so I'm not included in the count. Neither is the other Googled Chris: he's English.
6 may be an estimate, the people who run the site say it's a ballpark figure. It's also based on the 1990 census. My Book of Dallmans doesn't list any American Christophers. So I'm left with only the three I know about. (Three of eight? Sounds like a borg!)
My message to any of those missing Christophers out there is: Get yourselves noticed! Don't be anonymous!

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