Monday, June 19, 2006

Google I's

Woo-hoo! Fame at last! This blog's been name-checked by Unintelligent Design. It's in response to my previous post about MMR. It's pushed my real name up to page 7 of Google. Only page 7? How's this for a bummer, there's only three Christopher Dallmans on the planet, and I only make page 7! It's because the American Chris is way more famous than I am, he's a singer. The other Chris, just to be fair, works for a well-known pharmaceutical company.
How do I know there's only three of us? Well some years ago I bought The Book of the Dallmans, which is basically an address list of all the people in the world with the surname Dallman. Well heads of household anyway. I'm in it. Chris the chemist is in it, but Chris the singer must have still been living at home, because he's not in it. I only found him, when I Googled my name, and found pages and pages about him.
Now there may possibly be a few more in existence, but they're not on Google, so they don't count.
The masterplan now is to get myself onto page 1 of Google, under my own name. I've done it with Deacon Barry! There I am, second from the top.
Bwahaha! Today Google, tomorrow the world!

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