Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Automatic CPR

Just seen on Fox News (yes we get it here on Sky) , the automatic CPR machine. It's a belt that you wrap round the chest of a patient having a heart attack which will compress the chest every 1-2 seconds to maintain blood flow in the body until the heart can be restarted. Hopefully, more lives can be saved using this technology.
Question is, how long will it take for one of these machines to appear on my ward in Scotland?
Remember, this is an american device. One year? Five years?
Tell you what, I'll give you an answer when it appears in years, months, days, starting from now.
Assuming of course that I keep blogging that long. Mind you, we do have an automatic defibrillator. I do have the feeling though that the machine will only be available to A&E departments and paramedics. If I see one anywhere in the Lothians I'll let you know. OK, start the clock!

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